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Check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions in the escort industry. 

Choosing to hire an escort to lose your virginity is actually a very good idea for several reasons. It means that you can be with a professional who knows what they are doing in the bedroom, this means maximum pleasure and safety. They can help answer any questions and guide you through the process step by step without you feeling embarrassed. All too often teenagers lose their virginity while drunk to some random person they may never speak to again. By hiring an escort you can plan your evening exactly how you would like it to be. It can be in a controlled environment and you will be in safe hands every step of the way. 

Male escorts in Australia can earn up to $600 per hour. Their rate is actually very high and the reason for this is supply and demand. If you live in Australia and become a professional for women you could earn over $300,000. Male escorts in Australia are by far the highest-paid men in the industry. This comes down to how established the male escort industry is here. In places like the UK and USA, you can still find male escorts working, but due to how small the industry is the pay is considerably less.

Escorting is the world's old profession dating back to Near East​​ Sumerian ca. 2400 BCE. Since those times religion has taken a grip on society and sex work become discriminated against in many countries across the world, now in 2022, the world has become a more liberal, free rights and do what makes you happy place. This is loosening the rules around things like abortion, sex work, and gay marriage.

An escort is basically another word for a sex worker. It is someone who offers sexual services in return for money.

An escort provides sexual services to clients in return for money. Though not all of these services involve actually having sex. Escorts provide services such as BDSM which rarely involves full sex, but rather pleasure in other ways such as punishing clients. Other types of sex work could be selling feet photos, phone sex, or online content.

A male escort is a man who provides sexual services in return for money. The services they provide could range from sex, selling online content, and attending dates such as dinners or events.

If you want to book an escort, first you will need to work out what you are looking for. You can then search for escorts who match your requirement on a website like ours. Once you find the escort you think you would like to book, please read all her information and then reach out to her, following her etiquette at all times.

You should first work out if you have what it takes to be successful in the escort industry. Being an escort is a hard job and not everyone is cut out for it. You will never have any set routines and your working hours will be all over the place. Your phone will be ringing constantly and you will be getting lots of job offers, some you may like and some you won't. Being an escort is also a very lonely profession and most people generally enter the industry for a few years and then exit again after they have saved up some money. It can be a rewarding career, but you really got to work hard to be successful. 

It is extremely unlikely that you would get an STD from an escort. Escorts are extremely careful when it comes to their health, taking all the necessary precautions to circumvent something like this happen. They also do not have unprotected sex and get tested every few months. As a matter of fact, having sex with someone who is not a sex worker carries a much higher risk of catching an STD as people engage in unsafe sex regularly and don't get tested often.

What is PlayLuxx all about?

PlayLuxx is an international escort directory. You can find male, female, gay, and trans escort advertising here.

It would be a lie to say that the escort industry has a good name everywhere. We mainly put this down to movies portraying an unreal vision of how the escort industry actually works. The vast majority of women become escorts due to the high level of pay and the fantastic lifestyle that they live. Some escorts can earn up to 1 million dollars per year and get to travel the world, eating the best food and staying in the best hotels. They get to meet amazing men and couples who treat them well and look after their every need. The question you really should be asking is “Why doesn't everyone become an escort?”

If you are wanting to become an escort you first need to decide if you are actually serious about the idea. Becoming an escort might look like an easy job but in reality, it's hard work. You can say goodbye to your normal hours, and everyone's weekend is now your Monday morning. You will need to spend a lot of money keeping your appearance up to perfection such as those nails, hair, and make-up bottles. You will be in a high customer service job so you will need to have great communication skills. If you can do all that then you should totally become an escort. Hard work, yes! Worth it? Absolutely! 

If you are a couple and want to experience your first threesome with another woman then you really need to book an escort, it's the only way. Having a threesome with someone you know can only end badly. The joys about hiring an escort are that you are able to discuss all those details and requirements in advance which means less stress on the big night. It also assures you both of the maximum fun that is possible while having a threesome. The sex worker will be an expert and she will know all the best positions to really give you both value for money. Lastly, the best part of hiring an escort is that when the deed is done, she can leave and you won't have any awkward moments trying to end the night.

The Netherlands is thought to be one of the most popular sex tourism countries in the world. Sex work is legal and regulated here which is what attracts so many tourists who are seeking escort services. De Wallen is the biggest and most famous red-light district in the city.

Your best place to find escorts online is an escort website like Skissr. We provide a safe place for sex workers to advertise their services and meet clients online. 

Escorts advertise online on websites called escort directories. 

An incall service is where you will go the escorts location, that could be their home or hotel. An outcall service is where they will come to you, again that could be your home or hotel.

The prices of escorts vary widely depending on what service you are looking for and what country you are in. In Australia escort services generally cost from $300 per hour up to $1,000 per hour.

Yes. Escorts have to deal with a lot of timewasters, so paying a deposit it allows them to confirm you are not wasting their time. You do not have to worry about your money going missing, escorts run their business on return clients and would never ruin their business by not paying you a small amount back